My New Years Resolution is to make sure all priorities are straight . For example, first my grades have to be up to par and only acceptable C's . I'm going to make honor roll and improve some of my behavior problems . Next, go hard on everything I do this year because I'm on the road to riches . From my dancing to rapping ,and the comedy side of me .Lastly , do not fail one goal , I say I'm going to do or want to do .

To conclude, by accomplishing everything I just said , I must not let nothing get in my way . Nothing at all , because in 2013 it was a lot that I was letting me get held back , so I blame myself . But I made it very clear that I'm leaving all that and those people in 2013 and they may not come to 2014 with me . This year I really know whose for me and not , I know who I can trust from the people that snaked on in 2013 . Lastly, I finally know who is very Loyal to me and things I want to do , because at the end of the day everyone who is in my circle trying to touch a mill just like me .

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