My New Years Resolution is to make sure all priorities are straight . For example, first my grades have to be up to par and only acceptable C's . I'm going to make honor roll and improve some of my behavior problems . Next, go hard on everything I do this year because I'm on the road to riches . From my dancing to rapping ,and the comedy side of me .Lastly , do not fail one goal , I say I'm going to do or want to do .

To conclude, by accomplishing everything I just said , I must not let nothing get in my way . Nothing at all , because in 2013 it was a lot that I was letting me get held back , so I blame myself . But I made it very clear that I'm leaving all that and those people in 2013 and they may not come to 2014 with me . This year I really know whose for me and not , I know who I can trust from the people that snaked on in 2013 . Lastly, I finally know who is very Loyal to me and things I want to do , because at the end of the day everyone who is in my circle trying to touch a mill just like me .
From now on if I have problems I will never take it out on anyone else , if I have a problem keep to myself , if I have a problem with someone I will not let them bring me down I'm going to  just take out on them and not like them , like I always do. I will encourages others by sharing stories and hearing their stories and reactions and help them change ,if it's for the better.
It was telling me about how people judge you everyday with a little system , called 12by12by12 .
Something that I learn was , that you should always be more responsible about what you do online and how you do it , watch what you say , and don't do or feed into something about someone else that you wouldn't want done to you
I Believe he was saying like talking correct has became wrong . For example , people are so use to talking slang that they think talking the right way is nerdy . Also , he thinks by more then one stepping up and noticing more people will start to talk correct again because now that would be the cool thing again . For example , if everyone started talking slang because they thought it was cool , then imagine if more people talk correct , more people will think that is the new / cool thing to do and say .